director Brando Bartoleschi
production Image. Hunters, Tumaga
distribution Premiere Film

Prodotto da Gabriele Rubini alias Chef Rubio, con Image Hunters, Elias è la storia di un bambino che vive in un campo rom che, tornando a casa, salva un cucciolo di pastore tedesco dalle torture dei suoi amici.


Elias is a 10 years child, who lives in a gipsy camp in Rome. One day, while he is coming back home from school, the kid meets other children of the camp that are torturing a German Shepherd puppy, stolen from the police.  The short film tells the story of a friendship that develops in a difficult environment and therefore it becomes an unbreakable bond that resists time and circumstances. The narrative development aims to highlight the union and conflict mechanisms established in our lives and that, even after a long time, re-emerge with all their strength and intensity.

ELIAS – Official Trailer

FUORI ORA IL TRAILER UFFICIALE DI "ELIAS"!ANTEPRIMA – 22 Settembre 2018Auditorium Parco della Musica – Roma Creative Contest #SAVETHEDATE!Una co-produzione Tumaga di Chef Rubio e Image Hunters

Posted by Roma Creative Contest on Monday, September 10, 2018




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